This portion of our Web site contains valuable resources for the parents and guardians of our children, as well as for those interested in becoming affiliated with the school. Just select one of the links under our 'Parents' header above to learn more.

Items such as the News and Volunteer pages are available to provide you the latest information on school activities, important dates of events and meetings, and many other topics including ways you can get involved with your school.  Check out our interactive 'Calendar' link for a complete schedule of activities throughout the year!

Other highlights include a printable school calendar (.pdf format) as well as an outline of the school's uniform requirements and policies. In addition, there's information on our parent-elected Board of Directors, complete with advertisements and agendas for upcoming monthly Board meetings, and a Web page to view approved minutes of prior meetings so you can keep abreast of issues affecting your school.

New items of interest are added to the site often.  Keep an eye on the "Recent News" area on the Home page to keep updated on all things Vanguard!

If there is any information you'd like to see included in this area or on the Web site in general, please contact the The Vanguard School webmaster at