Elementary (K-6)

The Vanguard’s elementary school educates close to 800 children each year.  Founded in 1995, it is one of the highest achieving schools in the state of Colorado.  The Vanguard School is regularly recognized in the Colorado Springs Gazette with the Best of Springs Award and has been rated an “Excellent School” by the Colorado Department of Education every year since the School Accountability Report’s inception in 2003.  The Vanguard School has been recognized as a winner of the “John Irwin School of Excellence” award and has been an “ESEA Reward School” given to Title I schools demonstrating “high-performance and high-progress.”

Vanguard is committed to developing citizens who are not only intellectually astute, but also strong in character, which is emphasized within the classroom and modeled by our students and staff.  Parents are attracted to the school’s focus on character development.  Parents choose The Vanguard School because they are looking for a school that provides a coherent, incremental, and content-rich curriculum that challenges their children to excel.  Vanguard provides this atmosphere using Direct Instruction methodology and Core Knowledge® Sequence.  Students are taught in a fast-paced, highly interactive, teacher-directed manner and are constantly challenged to reach their potential as they move through achievement groups.

The Vanguard School Overview (1 of 2)
The Vanguard School Overview (2 of 2)
Direct Instruction
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