Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Attract, Develop, and Retain the Best Teachers

  • [1.1] Improve starting teacher salary and average teacher salary
  • [1.2] Create optimal staffing structure
  • [1.3] Improve non-financial benefits for teachers and other staff members
  • [1.4] Integrate all aspects of the staff recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, and developing

Create Strong Partnerships with Parents & Other Stakeholders & Community Members

  • [2.1] Proactively enculturate parents and prospective families
  • [2.2] Provide world-class customer service
  • [2.3] Arrange for community key leader engagements
  • [2.4] Improve volunteer opportunities and parent coordination

Create an Aligned K-12 Curriculum That is Classical in Content and Approach

  • [3.1] Define desired end state (character and academic) and path to get there in the form of a K-12 curriculum map
  • [3.2] Develop community understanding and buy-in of a classical approach
  • [3.3] Revise daily academic schedule to prioritize support to the most important subjects, eliminate time not spent effectively, and provide appropriate pacing throughout the day

Provide the Physical and Organizational Infrastructure Necessary for an Optimal Learning Environment

  • [4.1] Review and define policy structure
  • [4.2] Develop master infrastructure plan for current needs and increased enrollment
  • [4.3] Ensure safety/security of students, staff, and property
  • [4.4] Strengthen financial position to support future plans
  • [4.5] Review and validate optimal enrollment structure
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