Colorado Gives Day

What is Colorado Gives Day?

This statewide movement to promote philanthropy in Colorado through online giving features a $1 Million Incentive Fund, one of the largest giving-day incentive funds in the country. Your donation on Colorado Gives Day will count towards an incentive match that benefits our school and enables us to purchase needed books, classroom supplies, materials for science and arts classes, P.E. and recess equipment, and more. Colorado Gives Day 2021 is scheduled for Tuesday, December 7!

Last year, The Vanguard School received over $31,000 with 144 unique donations on Colorado Gives Day!

Tax Deductible:

All donations made through on Colorado Gives Day are 100% tax deductible.  You will be automatically emailed a tax-deduction letter from the Community First Foundation.

Why You Should Give:

At The Vanguard School, our teachers are committed to our mission of developing students’ character and academic potential, and we have a long track record of success in fulfilling that mission. This year, our teachers continue to offer the best in K-12 education despite the challenges of COVID-19. Your donation will help us provide much-needed support and equipment for our teachers and students!

Examples of what your donation can help achieve:

$25 can buy one game-regulation basketball.
$50 can buy as many as 10 books for an elementary classroom.
$125 can pay a substitute teacher for one day of coverage.
$250 can buy a microscope for a science lab.
$500 can buy one laptop for our mobile computer lab.

Have you considered becoming a reoccurring donor?

Setting up a recurring donation allows donors to make automated, online donations to a nonprofit on a regular schedule. Donors can set up daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually recurring donations for a specific dollar amount.

You can schedule your donation to start on Colorado Gives Day at!