Counseling Information

Counseling Information


The K-12 Counselor/Community Liaison serves as a resource to school leadership and as the connection between students and families to community resources in terms of mental and behavioral health needs and crisis intervention.  The counselor coordinates mental health services and resources aimed at supporting Vanguard students’ social/emotional health and academic success.  As a mental health provider, the school counselor will work with students to provide mental health support, to communicate with and connect families to outside providers, and promote student mental wellness.

Families in need are encouraged to reach out directly to the counselor.

Marlena Bagley, LSW
(719) 471-1999 x150
[email protected]



Family plays the primary role in student’s success.  As educators, we strive to support mental health in the school context because it is so central to our students’ social, emotional, and academic success.  If you know of a child who is struggling and would benefit from additional support, please reach out to school officials.

First and foremost, please make your child aware of the Safe2Tell Hotline – (877) 542-7233.  This is a very important resource for students.  This service is completely anonymous, and is a way for students to get help for themselves or a friend.  Teenagers sometimes do not report because they are worried they will get in trouble or be labeled by their peers, so please emphasize that this reporting is anonymous.  Further, it is important to stress to your children that if they hear a friend share something of concern or make a post about something concerning, this is a good outlet for them to use to help their friend get the support they need.  Safe2Tell is also an excellent outlet for students who are concerned about their own safety and may not feel comfortable verbalizing that to anyone.

Below are additional local resources available to the community:

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