Documents And Forms

Important College Counseling department documents and forms are included on this page to assist families during the college application process.

Links to these helpful resources are listed below along with a brief description and purpose of each document/form.  Click on the document/form name to view, download and print.  These documents and forms are also available in hard copy at The Vanguard School’s College Counseling office.

Requesting a Transcript

(Click to download)

This form details the process for requesting transcript submissions to colleges and universities.

Transcript Release Form

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This form is required in order to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  No student records will be sent to colleges until this form is submitted to the College Counseling office.

Vanguard Transcript Request

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This form is to be used when a student is ready to request their transcript be sent to a specific college, university or scholarship foundation.

This form is to be given to a teacher or staff member who has already agreed to write a letter of recommendation.

If a student is using the Common Application, this document explains the required steps necessary to match their Common App account with their Family Connection (Naviance) account.

Junior Parent Survey

(Click to download)

The purpose of this survey is to help the college counseling office learn more about your child when writing a counselor recommendation, which is required by many colleges and universities.

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