How Classical Education Prepares Students for College Success

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The foundation underlying classical education is the fundamental understanding of how to use one’s mind to ask essential questions to further their knowledge of the world around them.  With this foundation, the classical education approach relies on academic excellence framed against a robust moral compass that students can use to succeed in college.


What is Classical Education?

Classical education is a traditional philosophical approach to learning based on the lessons, teachings, and experiences of major thinkers who have come before us.

Classical education at The Vanguard School differs from more recent trending approaches as students not only gain a breadth of knowledge about the world around them; they learn how to use that knowledge to continue to succeed along their journey through life.

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Virtue | Classical Education

By exploring the multitude of moral questions major thinkers have struggled with for centuries before us, students of The Vanguard School discover the familiar ribbon of virtue that runs through the experience of these thinkers as they share their interpretations of the human experience.


Knowledge | Classical Education

The classical education curriculum at The Vanguard School seeks to gain understanding in all disciplines of thought, mathematics, philosophy, the arts, culture, literature, physics, science, engineering, and foreign language to provide the student with the toolset needed to evaluate the world around them.


Experience | Classical Education

At The Vanguard School, each student’s classical education journey is entrenched in discovery, discipline, and an emerging love for the process of learning.  Through such a rigorous devotion to uncovering knowledge, students gain the crucial skills needed to be successful in college.

Opportunities for immersive learning reinforce each student’s journey through knowledge, whether that be through study abroad experiences, history reenactment in younger grades, or practice of the many fine arts refined centuries ago.


Good Judgement | Classical Education

The classical education experience at The Vanguard School provides the space for every student to learn how to practice good judgment, define priorities for their studies, and discover the moral lessons learned by those of our past.


Deeper Meaning & Purpose | Classical Education

Through the classical education approach, students quickly come to realize the sense of personal fulfillment they will find as they advance through the upper grades.  At a classical education charter school like The Vanguard School, students explore the experiences of those who came before them in cultures throughout the world.  They carry this desire for personal fulfillment through knowledge discovery into their college experience.


Strategic & Analytical Thinking | Classical Education

At The Vanguard School, students do not learn because they have to, they learn because they want to.  Learning how to think and problem solve is just as important as the knowledge each student absorbs throughout their educational experience.

Students | Classical Education

Student success at The Vanguard School ties directly to the classical education experience.  An overwhelming majority of each graduating class at this classical education charter school are college-bound, with a good number receiving meaningful scholarships and acceptance to highly competitive universities.

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Classical Education At The Vanguard School

The Vanguard School is one classical education charter school with educators who are entirely devoted to creating a well-rounded deep thinker in each student.  Our graduates are prepared to take on the independence and rigor advanced studies demand.

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