Problem Solving Skills Can Help Students Succeed

Some problems are simple, and we can quickly resolve them. Others are complex problems that need teamwork, ingenuity, and a significant amount of effort to solve. The problem resolution process involves: Recognizing a problem Determining its source Identifying and ranking potential solutions, and Executing the best solution There are several universal approaches that we may […]

students from The Vanguard School entering into college counseling
Naviance College Matching

Naviance college matching is a unique search tool that helps discover what colleges match your interests, talents, and goals. It also determines which colleges may be a good match for you academically and socially. Undoubtedly, college is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make as an adult. Whether you are an athlete, musician, STEM […]

A group of five male soccer players in uniform are lined up and facing the camera with their arms around each other's shoulders
Tips for Student-Athletes

Not only do student-athletes balance the regular challenges of their coursework, but they must also strive to make progress on the court, track, field, etc., build relationships with their teammates and coaches, and manage the time constraints of frequent practices and games.  Finding balance is undeniably important in the life of a student-athlete.  If you […]

A school counselor shows some papers inside a blue folder to the student with their back to the camera across a desk
Academic Scholarships: What You Need to Know

Scholarships might seem like a dream, but millions of dollars are handed out to students yearly. Attending college, especially the top universities can be a huge financial burden to many, and scholarships can help.  Whether you’re in the application process or looking forward to applying, here is what you need to know about applying for […]

A view through a school classroom door showing a small group of students sitting around a table studying
SAT Prep for High School Students

Standardized tests, especially the SAT, continue to be an important part of the college search process.  Many universities include SAT scores as part of their entrance requirements and even those that don’t often use them to determine the range of academic scholarships you will receive. Fortunately, preparing for it is not nearly as daunting as […]

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