JR Coding – How Coding Helps Children Succeed

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Coding is no longer a distant novelty in the classical education environment.  It is an in-demand skill that is crucial for job success in a growing number of professions across industrialized countries.  Coding is a skill that is so important for children to understand in order to manipulate the increasingly technologically advanced world around them.  Like any other language, learning coding at a young age assists children in emerging communication and creativity skills that directly translate into success in other related disciplines such as mathematics, engineering, and language expression.

Coding is Another Language

Classical education is an approach that treats many areas of study as a language of their own, and coding is no different.  Like music, mathematics, and foreign language, coding is one more way for a student to broaden their horizons in how they interpret their world.  At The Vanguard School, coding is an integral part of each student’s journey in learning.

Coding Teaches Logical and Strategic Thinking

Coding classes integrate into the classical education approach seamlessly because the philosophy of the classical approach centers on the principle of learning how to learn.  Students not only acquire valuable knowledge gleaned from the human experience.  They also absorb essential skills applicable to navigating their world, professionally and personally.  Coding is a crucial piece of that equation.

Coding Helps Students Plan and Organize Thoughts

In a classical education environment, coding reinforces the concept of organized thought.  Organized thought is the first step in critical thinking acquisition.  Coding, like other essential languages, demonstrates the applicability of organized thought and reason.

Coding Helps Strengthen Problem Solving

The function of coding is to present oneself with a problem and solve it using the organized and deliberate language of coding.  The skills and experience from practicing coding fundamentals transfer to other areas of problem-solving both within an academic environment and beyond.  The Vanguard School’s classical education curriculum sees the value of coding in problem-solving, and therefore offers coding instruction as an essential part of its curriculum.

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Coding is a Highlight on College Applications

In a highly technological world that is ceaselessly continuing in its advance, coding has become a highlight that college recruiters search for amidst the sea of qualified college applicants.


Coding Experience Enhances Career Opportunities

The field of professional careers that allow room for non-technological skills is rapidly shrinking.  More and more career tracks require substantial technical knowledge, including the coding ability.  The Vanguard School provides exceptional coding instruction amidst a classical education backdrop so that graduates become career professionals who know how to think, problem-solve, and use coding to achieve their objectives.

Coding At The Vanguard School

At The Vanguard School, we believe in the importance of coding in both a classical education learning environment and a professional environment.  At the high school level, we offer an official coding curriculum that teaches students the essentials of coding that serve as a base for a more specialized coding path of progression in college.

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