What Age Do Kids Start School?

kids sitting in a classroom

Generally, children start school in kindergarten which begins at age five, but many children attend preschool long before that. Preschool generally starts when children reach three years of age but some children are ready for school sooner than others are.

In Colorado, for instance, a child is not required to attend kindergarten.  Students are required to start school by their sixth birthday.  However, children who are considered highly advanced or gifted are allowed early access to kindergarten, even before the age of four.

At The Vanguard School, children may join at age five in kindergarten.

What Age Does Preschool Start?

Children must be at least three years old to attend state-funded preschool in Colorado.  Some families can receive priority preschool attendance depending on their situation.

Children may begin learning at The Vanguard School as early as five years old.

What Age Does Kindergarten Start?

Kindergarten begins at the age of five in Colorado, and school must begin for a child before their sixth birthday.  Parents interested in applying to The Vanguard School Kindergarten program can apply as early as two years before their child turns the age of five and be placed on our waiting list.

What Age Does a Child Start Middle School?

Middle school in Colorado typically begins when a student is eleven or twelve years old.  The definition of middle school can be a bit blurry – some consider it to be grade six through eighth, while other schools may also include the fifth grade as well.

The Vanguard School covers every aspect of elementary school education, with children beginning enrollment in kindergarten and going through sixth grade.  From there, students enter junior high for grades seventh and eighth.

What Age Does a Child Start High School?

In Colorado, students are generally thirteen or fourteen years old when they begin high school, which starts in ninth grade.

The Vanguard School also welcomes thirteen and fourteen years old in its high school program, although if a child shows the aptitude and initiative, they may begin ninth grade sooner.  High school concludes when a student finishes the twelfth grade.

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