Why Study Abroad?

At The Vanguard School traveling and studying abroad is a big part of classical education as students are given the opportunity to travel overseas for two weeks in the Global Studies Program. Students granted this experience travel overseas to some of the most historical places.

Global Studies Program at The Vanguard School

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Global Studies Program

Intercultural Development

No matter how much time a student devotes to classical education, it is always a benefit to further their development with cultural experience. Here are a couple reasons a student should consider the Global Studies Program at The Vanguard School.

Learn to Speak, Read, & Write A Second Language

Students that learn a second language have a highlight on their professional resume as most are considered valuable to most employers. In the last five years, the demand for bilingual workers has doubled across the country. Spending time abroad is also the best way to improve fluency and writing skills.

Build a Diverse Network of Friends and Future Colleagues

Studying abroad gives students countless opportunities to have conversations and practice speaking, gestures, and body language cues. Even though students might not be aware, this will improve their communication skills immeasurably. Additionally students often meet new people with similar interests from diverse backgrounds.

Experience Fine Arts, Culture, Architecture, & Music

Global Studies Program

In the Global Studies Program, students are immersed in a Classical Education by the historical surroundings and visiting important monuments. Additionally, students learn about new cultures first hand that will allow them to experience things they have learned in school thus far.

Beyond academic benefits, traveling also helps students grow on a personal level and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Students Personal Growth

In the last 25 years, the number of students studying abroad has practically tripled. At the moment, around 100,000 American students are studying outside of the United States.

At The Vanguard School, we understand that in addition to formal studies, students need to develop skills and an attitude that will help them work with people from all over the world. Attending classical education classes overseas with fellow classmate’s help students sharpen their pronunciation in speaking a foreign language and enhances their communication skills.

Students immersed in a different culture – even for a short period – become more independent and adaptable. Students who possess these skills benefit once they finish their classical education studies and enter into a business environment.

Vanguard School Students in Rome, Italy

Spending time abroad during classic education studies allows students to learn about new cultures in ways words and videos never could. Students develop a sense of how these people feel, think, and act on an individual level and in turn, understand how global issues affect people on different continents.

students at The Vanguard School visiting Rome

The Overseas Program At The Vanguard School

Expanding a student’s worldview is an amazing thing, just ask former Vanguard students that spent summer days studying abroad. The Vanguard School knows just how important traveling is to the young mind, which is why students at The Vanguard School have traveled all over the world. Some of the places students have visited include:

  • Greece, where they spent a fantastic two weeks, studying art and visiting historical sights
  • Italy, where they visited the Coliseum and numerous museums in Rome
  • England, where they went to see the Stonehenge and enjoy the countryside for a few weeks
  • France, where they visited the Eiffel Tower and many galleries and museums


The Vanguard School gives students a perfect chance to see new and exciting places during their studies. The Vanguard School instructors also know that to make classical education effective and attractive they need to make it interesting and visiting a country for the first time is a very exciting way to learn classical studies.


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