Future Healthcare Professionals Club at The Vanguard School

benefits of classical education the vanguard schoolWhile academics are important, they make up only one part of a student’s resume.  Extracurricular activities also play an important role in the development of a student’s academic career and personal growth. These activities are important for allowing students to develop their talents and skills, and to challenge themselves.  We encourage Vanguard high school students to consider club participation as a way to not only explore their interests and hobbies and meet like-minded individuals, but also to discover their unlimited potential.  The Vanguard School strives to give students many opportunities to grow and learn through extracurricular activities, which is why they can participate and lead clubs during their daily Activity Period.

Why is Club Participation Important?

Participating in clubs has the potential to benefit students in many ways.  According to college admission consultants Crimson Education, extracurricular activities have far more benefits than just rounding out a university application or helping to boost their first resume.  Students who are involved in extracurricular activities see improved academic performance due to increased brain function when they are engaged in activities that interest them.  Joining a club based on a hobby or career interest will introduce them to a variety of unique individuals who share similar interests and goals, thus broadening their social network.  Club participation also gives students the chance to build valuable life skills such as teamwork, time management, and problem solving.  When students take on additional leadership roles, they continue to build on these foundational skills, and prove to themselves just how capable they are of achieving their goals.

What Clubs are Offered at The Vanguard School High School?

At The Vanguard School High School, students will find approximately thirty different clubs that are student-led, and sponsored or supervised by our dedicated staff.  Our teachers invest many hours outside of the traditional classroom, supporting and motivating students by helping them build quality clubs that represent the diverse needs, interests, and goals of our student body.

Students can explore the fine arts through the Jazz Band, musicals, and plays.  They will find clubs that support diversity, such as Allies (LGBTQ+) and the Multi-Cultural Club.  Bibliophiles may be interested in the Book Club, while students who are passionate about environmental education will thrive in the HOPE (recycling) Club.  Language enthusiasts will find Spanish, German, and Latin clubs.  The Vanguard School High School club list also includes a variety of clubs suited to unique hobbies, such as the popular Card, Dungeons and Dragons, Pop Culture, Trivia, and Star Wars clubs.  Students who want to pursue potential career paths will appreciate the Student Government, Science Club, Service/Leadership Club, or the Future Healthcare Professionals Club.

One of the best features of our club programming is not just the extensive variety of clubs we offer, but that students are always welcome to submit new club proposals, so there is always an opportunity for expansion.

The Vanguard School Club Spotlight: Future Healthcare Professionals 

One of the newest clubs to benefit students at The Vanguard School High School is the Future Healthcare Professionals Club, which was created in August of 2021.

Why was the Future Healthcare Professionals Club Introduced?

The club’s sponsor (Jimenez) has extensive experience in healthcare, and felt that an organized club could bring that experience to high schoolers who are interested in healthcare as a potential career.  The club gives students the opportunity to learn about different career paths, diseases, and other topics relevant to the healthcare profession as a whole.  The club’s official mission is:

“To better the future of medicine through preemptive education and awareness, and to instill a lifelong passion for care and cooperation.” 

What Does a Typical Club Meeting Look Like?

Weekly club meetings allow for interesting and engaging discussions and activities that cover a wide variety of healthcare-related topics.  Students have the opportunity to examine various case studies, as well as debate school-appropriate medical topics.  Club members also learn about and discuss the steps necessary to enter the field of medicine and healthcare, with respect to all career paths – including physicians (M.D. and D.O), nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and other careers as well.

What are Students Gaining From Club Participation? 

The Future Healthcare Professionals Club gives club members the opportunity to develop a better understanding of healthcare through active engagement with like-minded peers and by asking questions to learn as much as possible.  Students are learning that medicine is more than just being a medical practioner, and that healthcare and medicine go far beyond the scope of what they imagined.

Who Should Join the Future Healthcare Professionals Club? 

The Future Healthcare Professionals Club is open to students who are interested in all aspects of medicine and healthcare.  Beyond students who want to be nurses or doctors, there are many potential future career paths that can benefit from this club.  Students interested in medical research, pharmacology, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, midwifery, or even dentistry or psychology can learn so much from this club.  The relationship between physical health, mental health and healthcare practices can be nuanced, and club participation can broaden a student’s understanding of healthcare as a whole, and the impact it has on the quality of life.

Join a Club at The Vanguard School Today

Club participation is an opportunity for growth.  Students are not just learning facts and exploring hobbies, they are developing important life skills, building relationships with peers, and discovering their own talents, skills, and strengths.  We encourage students who are interested in The Future Healthcare Professionals Club, or any other approved club at The Vanguard School, to become involved.  The Vanguard School believes that all students should be active participants and leaders in their education, so if there is not a club that meets their specific interests and goals, we encourage them to develop a proposal for a new club.  If you have questions about clubs or other extracurricular activities at The Vanguard School, please contact us today for more information.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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