Remember to Update FlashAlert! must validate your FlashAlert account at the beginning of each year!

**NOTE: Many users of the FlashAlert smartphone app have recently reported that uninstalling and reinstalling the app is necessary to consistently receive push notifications.  You can test receipt of push notifications by logging in to your FlashAlert account by clicking here, and sending a test message to your linked device(s).

If Schools Will Be CLOSED or DELAYED...

If schools will be closed or delayed due to severe weather, this information will be broadcast on local television and radio stations, and will also be posted on the FlashAlert website.  The most recent information from the FlashAlert website should be shown below.
Additionally, if you would like to receive automatic notifications of emergency messages directly from FlashAlert, you can now download the free FlashAlert Messenger app for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

You must be registered with FlashAlert to link your mobile apps.  You can start the registration process in the information box below.  If you are already registered with FlashAlert, remember that you must log in once at the beginning of each school year to verify and maintain your FlashAlert registration!

The Vanguard School uses the Internet-based FlashAlert system for notifying the news media of changes in school schedules, such as weather-related delays and closures, etc. School district officials do not contact media outlets directly. You are now able to download the free FlashAlert Messenger app for either Android, iPhone, or iPad and receive emergency information just minutes after we post it, at no cost to you!

Please note that these alerts come directly from the FlashAlert service, so The Vanguard School cannot be responsible for the reliability of delivery.

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