HOPE Club at The Vanguard School

A teenage girl in a blue button up shirt turns away from a circle of peers to face the camera and smileAt The Vanguard School, we believe that club participation strengthens not only each student, but our student body as a whole.  Students enrolled in The Vanguard School High School have the option to join one of the many clubs that are student-led and staff-sponsored or supervised.  Students are also welcome to submit a proposal for a club if there is not an active club that meets their interests.  Clubs meet during the daily Activity Period that is built into the student schedule, which gives students easy access to club participation.

The Benefits of Club Participation

When students participate in extracurricular activities and clubs, they are investing in, and expanding, their social and educational repertoire.  Clubs give participants the chance to build practical and technical skills, while also building a community of like-minded students who are able to grow and learn together.

According to the Princeton Review, club participation builds creative thinking, encourages communication skills, and helps students work effectively with others. These, and other important soft skills they continue to develop, will help students academically and socially now, and in the future.  Extracurricular activities allow students to dig deeper into their interests and potential career goals.  When used on college applications, active club participation gives admissions a clearer understanding of a student’s personality, goals, time-management skills, and even leadership ability if the student has taken on additional roles within a club.

The Vanguard School High School Clubs

The Vanguard School High School offers a wide array of clubs to meet the needs of our diverse student body.  Students will find inclusive, engaging, and active clubs that allow them to pursue passions, meet other students with similar interests, develop their skills and talents, educate the community, and even learn more about potential career paths.

2022 Approved Clubs

  • Allies (LGBTQ+)
  • Book Club
  • Card Club
  • Chess
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • FCA
  • Future Healthcare Professionals
  • German Club
  • HOPE Club (Recycling)
  • Jazz Band
  • Latin
  • Matchwits
  • Multi-Cultural Club
  • Musical, Plays
  • Nasa Tech Rise
  • NHS
  • Philatelic Society
  • Philosophy Club
  • Poet Society
  • Pop Culture Club
  • Refuge
  • Science Club
  • Service / Leadership Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Star Wars Club
  • Stretch Class
  • Student Government
  • TARC (Rocketry)
  • Trivia Club
  • Ultimate (Disc)

Every club is sponsored or supervised by our hardworking staff.  They invest many hours in helping students build these clubs and start new projects, and, in the process, students learn more about what makes a club effective through quality leadership and personal responsibility.

The Vanguard School Club Spotlight: HOPE Club 

HOPE stands for Human Opportunities for Preserving the Environment and the school’s HOPE Club was established in the fall of 2019.

Why was HOPE Club Created?

The Vanguard School had a Recycling Club for over ten years that consisted of a small, but dedicated group of students committed to cutting back on the school’s waste.  As club membership grew to over 30 students, it became apparent that club members were interested in more than just recycling.  With broader interests, expanded projects, and a commitment to environmental education, the Recycling Club was re-established in the fall of 2019 as the HOPE Club.  The name change reflected the evolution of the club and the mission the students had for it going forward.

What is the HOPE Club Mission Statement?

With an interest in educating club members, the student body, school staff, and the community on environmental issues, the HOPE Club has established a mission statement that reflects their goals and values:

The mission of the HOPE Club is to reduce the environmental impact of The Vanguard School while educating students on environmental issues and encouraging stewardship of the planet.

What Activities are Done in HOPE Club?

The HOPE Club has been involved in a variety of activities and projects since its inception.

Recycling – Management of the recycling at the Corona Campus, as well as recycling used writing utensils through the Terra Cycle program, are two major recycling projects that club members have worked on.

Environmental Education – Members and the club sponsor give frequent educational talks.  This is one of the most important ways that the club is able to spread awareness and education of environmental concerns.

Experimental Composting – Using reactors and worms in the biology lab, this experimental compositing project aims to reduce both food waste from the cafeteria and paper waste from restrooms.

“Bottle Brick” Production – Bottle bricks are aimed to reduce single-use plastic waste.  When single-use bottles are filled with compressed inorganic matter, they can create a dense, strong “brick” used for the building of various structures.

Energy Tracking – The club’s participation in tracking the school’s energy usage was implemented to allow the club to propose plans to reduce usage, and, in effect, reduce the school’s carbon footprint.

Fundraising – Club members do fundraising for programs like Team Seas in order to raise funds and awareness for environmental issues.

What is the Impact of the HOPE Club?

The HOPE Club has a valuable impact due to the practical ways they serve the community, but also because they foster awareness and education of environmental issues for club members, the school, and the community.  The club strives to educate students in a way that will encourage them to take new ideas about caring for the environment home to their families and beyond to make a wider impact.

Why Join HOPE Club?

Students who are interested in environmental issues will find that the HOPE Club allows them to continue developing their environmental awareness and find new ways to educate others.  They will have the opportunity to discuss new ideas, participate in meaningful projects, and meet students with similar ideals.  If your student is interested in joining HOPE Club or one of the other great clubs at The Vanguard School, please reach out to us and we would be happy to discuss their options.

In addition to our extensive choice of clubs, The Vanguard School also has several athletic programs and many opportunities to explore fine arts.  All students should have the chance to find an elective or extracurricular activity at which they can excel, and The Vanguard School strives to provide many opportunities for them to do so. Contact us today for more information about extracurricular activities or academics at The Vanguard School.

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