Annual Fund Donations

What is the Annual Fund?

The Vanguard School Annual Fund is a yearly campaign dedicated to contributions from individuals.  As a charter school, we only receive 90% of the funding per child than a typical public school.  Therefore, we rely on the generosity and support of many to ensure the excellence of The Vanguard Experience.

Why Give?
  • To ensure excellence of The Vanguard Experience.
  • Because you are proud parents of a Vanguard student.
  • Because you are a proud alumnus who wishes to show thanks for your time at Vanguard.
  • To aid in our ability to grow.
  • To allow us to ensure we continue our tradition of academic excellence.
Tax Deduction:

Gifts made to the Annual Fund are tax-deductible.  Donors of all sizes will be provided a tax-deduction letter.

How Will I Be Recognized?

With a huge thank you!
We will also list all donors in the Annual Report produced following each school year.


Please contact our Business Manager, Diane Borre, with any questions.
[email protected]
(719) 471-1999 ext. 202

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