Tips for Student-Athletes

A group of five male soccer players in uniform are lined up and facing the camera with their arms around each other's shouldersNot only do student-athletes balance the regular challenges of their coursework, but they must also strive to make progress on the court, track, field, etc., build relationships with their teammates and coaches, and manage the time constraints of frequent practices and games.  Finding balance is undeniably important in the life of a student-athlete.  If you are a student-athlete or you know a student-athlete, read on for four tips that may help achieve that balance.

Manage your time

The Vanguard School administration and teachers work hard to ensure that our students excel in and out of the classroom.  Time management is essential for student-athletes, academically and socially, and mentally. Students must maintain a healthy yet balanced social life. Here are some ways to help you manage your time:

  • Set goals
  • Create a to-do list
  • Prioritize practice
  • Stay focused and avoid distractions
  • Communicate with your educator

Sports serve an important role in fostering discipline, ethics, leadership, and cultural variety by supporting life skills’ structure and development and our staff aims to assist student-athletes in honing in on those skills to be successful.

Maintain your relationships

Maintain strong contact with crucial people in your everyday life, including your coaches and teachers.  Make connections and work hard to demonstrate that you are 100% committed to academic and athletic achievement. The contacts you make now can aid you in the future by providing you with guidance, prospective references, and professional connections.

Don’t overburden yourself with responsibilities

While there are several responsibilities for you to fulfill, do not overburden yourself. Always prioritize the most urgent need and complete it, even if that means taking a break for the sake of your sanity. Remember that athletics is an extracurricular activity and not the end-all-be-all of your future.  When in doubt, prioritize your academics and communicate with your teachers and coaches accordingly.

Utilize your resources

Keep an open line of communication with your teachers, they are your best and most valuable resource.  At The Vanguard School, teachers have office hours for helping students after school, and there are many opportunities for one-on-one tutoring, just inquire at the front office!

In addition, some sports teams provide academic support in study groups and tutoring. There are also many programs outside of school that may help you achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to ask your parent/guardian to help you seek out support when you need it.

The Vanguard School: Helping you win in life!

At The Vanguard School, we believe that having the chance to participate in a range of athletic programs and extracurricular activities is an important component of a student’s scholastic experience.  Participation in such activities is a privilege that comes with obligations to the school, the activity, other students, and the athletes themselves. For more information about our athletic and student-support programs, please email us at [email protected].