A group of five male soccer players in uniform are lined up and facing the camera with their arms around each other's shoulders
Tips for Student-Athletes

Not only do student-athletes balance the regular challenges of their coursework, but they must also strive to make progress on the court, track, field, etc., build relationships with their teammates and coaches, and manage the time constraints of frequent practices and games.  Finding balance is undeniably important in the life of a student-athlete.  If you […]

The Vanguard School's before and after school activities include sports teams such as the girls tennis team
Before and After School Activities

The Vanguard School offers several before and after-school opportunities for students of all ages! Before and After School Sports, Clubs, and Activities The Vanguard School has numerous opportunities to engage students outside of the classroom. Many of our 7-12th grade students participate in before and after school sports, such as soccer, basketball, cross-country, tennis, and […]

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