2022 Summer School Helps Students Succeed

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The Vanguard School’s 2022 Summer Semester is on!  Parents might find the idea of summer school difficult.  “My student has already gone through a year of school.  Why do they need more?”  This is a reasonable question – summer school often has a negative connotation.  Our summer school programs are not meant to make students or parents feel like they have missed something; instead, we offer additional resources to help students succeed, including themed and athletic day camps, graduation credits, credit recovery, and more.

Academic Programs

Our K-12 summer school program consists of three different formats: one for elementary (grades 1-6), another for junior high (grades 7 and 8), and one for high school students (grades 9-12).

The elementary summer school program consists of daily, one-hour sessions that run from June 27 – July 15.  Each course is designed to set our younger students up for success in the upcoming school year.  Students can join Support for Success in math and/or reading for three weeks of intensive, targeted skill support, or they can join Prep for Success: Vanguard 101 for an overview of grammar, writing, cursive, planner usage, and study and organizational skills. Any of these courses are a great way for new and returning students to prep for a rewarding school year.

At the junior high level, students can join on of two six-week intensive math courses that focus on bringing students to the appropriate level needed to succeed in appropriate math level.  A readiness test is administered at the conclusion of each program to ensure mastery.  High school students can participate in a wide range of courses, including readiness classes, credit recovery classes, and fine arts credit classes.  Classes are currently being offered for math and English readiness, history credit recover, and music and art history fine arts credit.

Enrichment Programs

In addition to academic courses, The Vanguard School is also hosting two exciting enrichment programs, Custer’s Art Camp and Theater Camp:

Custer’s Art Camp, taught by Mr. Greg Custer, will help students develop their drawing skills. Students will spend the week developing their draftsmanship skills while having fun and making their own works of art. Students will learn the basic methods of drawing that has made our school one of the most successful drawing programs in the state. This instruction will serve all skill levels from the beginner to advanced artist.

Theater Camp will be taught by Coach Scott, who has written four plays, acted in forty plays, and was Director or Assistant Director on fifteen plays. The camp will include pantomimes, stage direction, how to be successful in auditions, developing improvisation skills, difference between movies and plays, costumes and make-up, principles of Method Acting, introduction to public speaking, and more!

Athletic Programs

In addition to academic and enrichment programs, The Vanguard School hosts several sports camps for grade school students.  There are various sports that students can participate in, including lacrosse, cheerleading, and basketball.  In addition, there will be a 6-week SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) Camp that is intended to help students succeed in all athletics. There are age restrictions and specific dates for each sport listed here.

Summer sports camps are the perfect complement to our summer school programs!  We encourage any students who have attended our camps before or are interested in sports to attend.

Enroll in Our 2022 Summer Semester

Please visit our Summer Semester webpage for complete course descriptions and details. Registering your child for our Summer Semester is quick and easy.  Visit Summer Semester 2022 to enroll your child or children in their selected activities.  Click the program or program you wish to add to your cart.  All of the associated fees with each program are already calculated for you.

Any questions about this program can be directed to our Summer Semester Coordinator, Joe Simboli, at [email protected]